Rope Bridge

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The Rope Bridge is a stunning piece of furniture that is equal parts practical and stylish. The platforms are great places to jump onto and the 50 cm platforms are the perfect size for napping (as is the bridge itself)!

The Rope Bridge is considered a CHALLENGE LEVEL 2 for cats. They are great places to jump onto and perch (i.e. CHALLENGE LEVEL 1). The addition of a stimulating surface that gently moves when walked on, however, bumps this furniture up to a CHALLENGE LEVEL 2. Read more about the three challenge levels in our Buyer’s Guide.

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  • This is the length of the bridge itself. Do not include the platforms. See "Guidelines" in the product images for further instructions.

    The bridge defaults to the options in the picture (i.e. burnt oak stain, sisal rope, industrial pipe brackets, 50 cm platforms, grass covers). The bridge can be customised below to suit your individual needs and decor.

    The platform lengths will alter some bracket and cover options below.



The bridges are 23.5 cm wide. The platforms are 23.5 cm wide, 4 cm high, and 12.5 cm, 25 cm, or 50 cm long.

The bridge can be customised to suit any space. Different combinations of stain, brackets and roping can change the aesthetics of the bridge to suit many styles. In addition, the covers can be swapped out at any time to achieve different looks.

Covers for the platforms (in grass or coir) are included and can be upgraded to other materials to suit different styles. The covers are attached to the platforms with screws and allow cats to firmly grip the surface to prevent slipping. Although the stained pine platforms allow cats to lightly grip the wood with their nails, the covers provide an extra level of grip and security. It is highly recommended that covers be used at all times.

Note: the bridge pictured is 160 cm between the two platforms (i.e. order 160 cm long). The “dip” in the bridge indicates how the bridge will hang. Both platforms are 50 cm long.


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