Here are some commonly asked questions about our products.
Getting Started
What is a RAW CAT?

A raw cat is one who eats and behaves as driven by their raw, natural instincts. At PICKLES AND PEANUT we believe that a raw cat is a healthy and happy cat. The furniture we sell helps cats to express their hunter instincts by allowing them to run, jump and climb.

Read about the basic needs of domestic cats and how to enable them to be raw cats in our blog or download our bookm The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Happy Cats, below.

How do I know if my cats will use the furniture?
If you expect to mount the furniture and have your sedentary cat spontaneously turn into a tree climbing warrior, you will probably be disappointed. Many domestic cats have bad habits that need to be broken in order for them to be at their best. You can set your cat up for success by following these instructions:

STEP 1: Ensure your cat’s hunter instinct is engaged. If you free feed, overfeed, give them too many treats, or give them food that you are eating, stop immediately. If your cats are always full, they will be walking around in a stupor. Cats don’t play, they hunt. And, to hunt, they must be hungry.

STEP 2: Play with your cat! Some cats will explore and discover the new furniture of their own, but most will require some training (and a play mate as well). Pumpkin was very curious and discovered everything on his own. Peanut required some assistance and Pickles required a LOT of help to get her to use the new furniture. Wand toys are perfect for training! Get your cats jumping and climbing by engaging their hunter instinct to follow prey up onto the furniture. Seeing your cat overcome fear and doubt is extremely rewarding!

STEP 3: Work with all the people and animals in your home to engage everyone in the fun play activity. This includes all cats, all dogs and all kids. Make this a fun experience. Once your cats start playing on the furniture WITH you, they will increase their solo use of the furniture as well.

What furniture should I order?
The answer to this question will be different for each situation depending on what furniture you already have, your cats, and your style. Go to the Buyer’s Guide for instructions and examples of how new and existing furniture can work for you and your cats.

Contact us if you have further questions. We are happy to help you find a set up that works for you!

What does CHALLENGE LEVEL mean?
Each piece of furniture has been assigned a Challenge Level to help you better understand how challenging it will be for your cats. The Challenge Level is based on both the vertical distance between two pieces as well as other factors such as the stability of the surface. Here’s a breakdown of the three levels:

  • Challenge Level 1: 0cm – 40cm. Flat level surfaces.
  • Challenge Level 2: 40cm – 60cm. Surfaces that are a bit more challenging (i.e. grades, shapes, different materials).
  • Challenge Level 3: 60cm – 90cm. Vertical climbing surfaces.

Ideally, the mix of furniture should encompass all three Challenge Levels. As a general rule, though, the primary route should always be Challenge Levels 1 and 2. Challenge Level 3 elements can be added as additional options if the cats are up to it (most should be).

Have a look at the Buyer’s Guide for a more in depth discussion.


Description: Safe perches that cats can jump onto away from other animals, kids and adults. Can also be a place to perch or sleep on depending on the size of the piece.

Furniture Types: Shelves, Tables, Desks, Countertops, Cat Trees, Window Ledges, Entertainment Units, Cabinets, Bookcases, etc.


Description: All the benefits of Challenge Level 1 furniture with the addition of providing an extra level of stimulation and interest. The bridges and walkways are unique challenges for cats and are mentally stimulating. The sisal step has an amazing texture and balancing on it is very stimulating.

Furniture Types: Rope Bridge, Walkway, Sisal Step


Description: Challenge Level 3 is the first two challenge levels on steroids. Running and jumping are amazing, but climbing to the top of a tall pole at top speed is out of this world. It is HIGHLY recommended that every indoor cat have access to a sisal pole to climb. The only thing that tires Pumpkin out is running up the pole. He literal does laps up the pole, around the room, and back up again. Pickles and Peanut love the pole as well… but on a less obsessive level than their lil bro. Note: cats who have been declawed won’t be able to climb up the pole but they still love to stretch on it.

Furniture: Sisal Pole

Furniture Information
How do I mount the furniture?
It is important to measure your walls and consider mounting locations when designing your space.

The furniture has been designed to be mounted into a stud, concrete or brick wall. If applicable, the second bracket can be mounted into drywall using heavy duty fasteners.

Screws are included to mount the brackets onto the furniture and into studs. Fixings for other materials are not supplied.

Are the covers washable?
The covers can be cleaned as follows:

GRASS: vacuum to remove light debris. Can be hosed down outside or in the shower for a thorough cleaning.

COIR: vacuum to remove light debris. Any water or cleaning materials will most likely stain the coir to a degree. If too much water is used the fibres will break apart so use water sparingly, if needed.

HEAVY FABRIC: vacuum to remove light debris. Can be flipped to reveal a fresh side. Can be machine washed on the gentle cycle in cold water. Shape fabric and hang to dry.

All the the covers can be replaced if soiled or damaged too much.

What is your shipping policy?
Free shipping on all order over $50 in Australia.

Signatures are required for all deliveries over $50.

Do you ship internationally?
We currently ship within Australia. Please contact us for other destinations.
What are your processing times?
Shipping Times:

  • Ships within a week: Shelves, Sisal Steps, and Covers
  • Ships within two weeks: Rope Bridge, Walkway, Sisal Pole, and Barrel Wall Bed

All shipments are via Australia Post and delivery is in four days to most locations.

What is your return policy?
If there are any questions about your order or if you have come across any issues, please contact us know right away and we can help you out.

If the package or any items arrive damaged, we require photos and details so we can follow this up with the service provider.

Items must be returned to us in new, undamaged condition. We cannot accept returns on custom orders including all Bridges, Walkways, and Sisal Poles. We cannot accept returns on items that have been mounted, used, or damaged by the customer. Unless there is a defect or an issue at the fault of PICKLES AND PEANUT, the return shipping cost will be the responsibility of the customer. A restocking fee of 20% applies to all returned items. Once the return is received, the items will be inspected and, as long as the items are in new, undamaged condition, the refund will be processed less the 20% restocking fee. If we cannot offer a refund, the item can be shipped back at the expense of the customer.

Still need help?

If you have questions about planning and setting up our products, check out our Buyer’s Guide.

For any other questions, please visit our Contact page.